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Token holding incentives

3air aims to create strong incentives to use the 3air token through initiatives such as (described in more detail in 3air ecosystem - staking):

  • Staking pool. A special staking pool could be set up for staking rewards including potentially higher rewards for early adopters.
  • Governance. Each token could represent one vote in the platform's governance and motivate users to participate in the decision-making to fund projects, burn tokens, and take part in other essential changes to the platform.
  • Rewards. A certain amount of tokens may be required to unlock different VIP statuses and remunerations, such as special discounts, promotions, airdrops, cashbacks, and upgrades.
  • Referral bonus. The amount of staked tokens could determine the referral bonus.
  • Microloans collateral. 3air tokens could be used as personal or pledged collateral to secure loans.
  • Own your own hardware incentive. The company will provide each client with locked tokens that can be used to purchase the leased hardware later.
  • Bandwidth sharing. Special Access Points may be set up for bandwidth sharing utilizing staked tokens to insure the AP infrastructure and earn rewards for stakers.

We believe these incentives could be attractive, especially for the millions of 3air platform users acquiring services through K3 and other future ISPs joining the platform. Some early adopters may enjoy free lifetime services just by staking enough tokens and taking advantage of the rewards connected to holding tokens.