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Growth & Valuation


We project exponential app user growth. The first users will come to the platform through the K3 partnership. There are already over 2,000 active customers using K3 services that could potentially migrate to the 3air platform once it’s operational. This partnership may bring 400,000 active users to the platform by 2026.

Expected user growth from the K3 partnership, according to the roadmap and real-world data from Sierra Leone:


Figure 11: 3air user growth prediction

These numbers only represent active users on the platform through the K3 partnership. We also aim to onboard other ISPs to the platform and potentially reach 1 million users by 2025.


Using real-world data from K3 Sierra Leone, the average revenue per user sits around $130 per month. As Sierra Leone is one of the lower-income countries, even by African standards, we are certain that the average revenue in other African countries will be higher than this mark.

With a 3% fee on the turnover (this is the rate specially agreed upon with K3 and may not apply to other ISPs) 3air could grow quickly and sustainably. With other ISPs joining the platform, revenue could also grow exponentially.


Figure 12: 3air revenue growth prediction

If we reach 1M users by 2025, 3air’s revenue could reach $180M.

Project valuation

Evaluating a token economy is challenging. The most widely used metric to evaluate telecom companies is the EV/EBITDA method. Considering the K3 partnership alone, the 2025 valuation of 3air could potentially be over $2.1B.


Figure 13: 3air valuation prediction

For a more detailed overview of the 3air brand and its various business components, please refer to the whitepaper.