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Executive summary

3air Executive summary

Blockchain technology is disruptive, and its influence continues to spread. Satoshi Nakamoto outlined in his work (Nakamoto, 2008) that Bitcoin and blockchain technology should and will liberate and empower people, especially those underprivileged and suppressed by corrupt governments or institutions.

3air aims to connect the unconnected by bringing broadband internet connectivity to places where it is impossible or uneconomical to build these systems using traditional methods. We plan to develop, test, and deploy new features outlined in this document to change how internet subscription services and the general telecom industry operate in these regions.

3air is building a platform based on blockchain technology that will enable traditional systems to port to the blockchain with additional improvements in security, traceability, customer care, and privacy. By creating a solid user base, we will develop, test, and deploy a blockchain platform to facilitate telecom services tokenization.

Launching in Africa’s urban areas and then expanding beyond the African continent, our solution will bring fast, stable broadband to cities in Sierra Leone (infrastructure already in place), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Ethiopia and Nigeria. We will bring people reliable connections to the outside world as a service, enabling them to be included in the global educational, health, financial, and business economies.

Connecting the unconnected will bring millions of new users to our platform, and with growth comes power. Power to connect with others and make radical changes within the telecom industry.