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T-shirt contest

Date start: 10th of January 2022

Entry deadline: 17th of January 2022

Date end: 14th of February 2022

Type: Design contest


  • Each design selected to print: 10,000 3air tokens + T-shirt
  • Top 5 community favorite designs: 1000 3air tokens + T-shirt


Instructions: Create your design. Upload it to Gleam app. Wait for the vote.

Entry rules: By entering you agree with these rules

How to design?

Please use our design guidelines to design the T-shirts.

Also make use of our Brand kit for additional support graphics.

Calling all creatives and enthusiasts: design our first 3air T-Shirts!

3air T-shirt contest

Enter the 3air T-Shirt Contest for a chance to win up to 10.000 3AIR Tokens!

Make your design idea come to life

We want 3air T-Shirts with all the creative flair you can muster. Make your mark on our community and get a chance to win up to 10.000 3AIR Tokens, free Merchandise and lots of community recognition.

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  1. Design your 3air T-Shirt. What's your design idea for our first 3air T-shirt? Show us your creativity and style! You will find our design guidelines attached below.
  2. Upload your design in our competition To showcase your design, you must upload a file to the competiton. Submit your design by January 17th, 2022.
  3. Community votes & a chance to win! The community will start voting and decide who the winner is. We encourage you to also vote for designs from other community members!

The first T-Shirts designed for the community, by the community.

3air T-shirt contest

Create your design, upload it to the contest or on social media and we'll let the community vote for their favorite!

Make your design idea come to life

Sign up for the competition now, get designing and show us what you got!

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FAQ about the t-shirt contest

Do we just have to create our design on a white canvas, we don’t have to put it directly on the tshirt?

No need to put it on the t-shirt. Either way for the voting you don't need to prepare the materials ready for print, so just make an image out of it. How you present it it's up to you. Then if you're selected for the printing, you'll need to prepare the materials accordingly to the guidelines. But for now, let's just be creative and Limitless ☺