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3air ecosystem & token

Is there any community or governance function in 3air?

Governance is in development but 3air will be a governance token, firstly in charge of the community pool intended for either token burning or/and supporting local projects. With the growth of the platform 3air will gain more voting power in different areas of platform development.

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What are 3air’s goals?

Connect Africa’s cities with a fast and stable internet connection and become the first fully decentralized and permissionless telecom platform in the world.

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What are the main 3air token economy values?

Total token supply: 830,000,000 tokens

Tokens for sale: 100 million

Hard cap: $8.8 million

Soft cap: $3.5 million (reached)

Base Token price: $0,065

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What is the purpose of the 3air token or its utility?

  • Payments for all digital services (Digital identities, broadband internet, digital TV, IP telephony)
  • Staking and securing the 3air chain
  • Enabling the Own Your Own Hardware incentive
  • Enabling broadband sharing and roaming and insuring the infrastructure
  • Loyalty system, enhancing discounts on services and other rewards
  • Governance and voting
  • Microloans and collateral/cross-collateral for them
  • 3air token buybacks and token burns

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What problem is 3air tackling?

Firstly, we are building out a stable and fast broadband infrastructure where it is impossible to build with traditional technology. With this we are connecting the unconnected. Once they have an internet connection, we can provide them with digital identities (over 400 million people in Africa don’t have any IDs), then we can bank the unbanked, all through blockchain. In parallel we are building a stable blockchain platform, developing revolutionary features in IoT and bandwidth tokenization that can solve many current issues ISP and mobile providers face.

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Is the project on Coinbase?

Not yet listed on any exchange...

Any plans for auditing your smart contracts?

The 3air contract audit results are released!

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