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NFT Marketplace

What are NFT's?

An NFT (Non-fungible Token) is a digital token essentially a line of code issued to certain goods or services that can’t be altered or reproduced exactly the same once it gets minted onto a blockchain network. Since transactions on a blockchain are transparent, users are able to easily transfer ownership of an NFT from one wallet to another with a straight forward way to authenticate it. This creates a system of trustless online transactions where two parties can anonymously trade goods and services without a buyer worrying that those goods are not authentic.

How can i access the NFT marketplace?

Marketplace is available through 3air app at The 3air NFT marketplace uses the Binance Smart Chain so it is compatible with Metamask and Wallet Connect compatible wallets.

What is the goal of the NFT marketplace?

The goal of the marketplace is to provide a stage for African artists to showcase their work, and connect with collectors and enthusiasts around the globe. Transactions will be made in BUSD, and the buyer mints the NTF at the time of purchase, making it easy for users to collect and trade their favorite artworks. You can access the 3air marketplace to check out the NFTs that African artists have created for yourself here.

Will the NFT’s have any utility?

3air NFTs enable access to internet connectivity services. Users will purchase access to the 3air broadband internet network by purchasing an NFT with the subscription service of their choice. Subscriptions can be sold and transferred to different wallets, letting users easily transfer their connectivity between friends and family, or simply from one device to another. Such a system also allows for gifting or donating connectivity without a middle man taking a cut. Imagine providing students from a school in Africa a month or 2 of internet connection. Simply buy a 3air NFT and send it to their wallet. Done!