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Broadband internet connectivity plays a big role in accessing development opportunities in emerging economies. To build a successful ISP platform in developing countries, we first need to look at the existing ISPs in these areas and the services they offer their users. We then need to assess their ability to adapt to new technologies and other changes.

Broadband Subscriptions

Figure 1: Broadband subscriptions per 100 people, 1998 to 2019

Lack of Infrastructure

While many mobile network providers already operate in the developing world, broadband infrastructure in Africa is almost nonexistent. Just 1% of people (urban and rural) have broadband access compared to 40% in developed countries. Many explanations and excuses are given for Africa’s lack of broadband infrastructure and no one has shown the will to build it in the future. Though future advances in mobile network technology may someday threaten to overtake broadband, it will be a long time before this becomes a reality. Broadband networks, now and in the near future, are the faster and more stable technology.

Identification and Payment

Major drawbacks in means of identification and payment limit access to broadband services in developing countries. There are over 1 billion people worldwide without the means of identifying themselves (Desai, Di-ofasi, & Lu, 2018), and that is a potential problem in acquiring services, including connecting to the internet. Over 31% of adults worldwide do not have access to proper banking services (Felsenthal & Hahn, 2018). Hence, they have limited options to pay for goods and services and no means of building a credit line.

Even with limited connection and hardware, it seems that global inclusion is possible without banks. For instance, Nigeria leads the world in blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption with a 32% adoption rate (Olu-wole, 2021).

adoption rate

Figure 2: Blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption rate


We have partnered with K3 Telecom AG to facilitate the adoption of the 3air platform. K3 Telecom AG is a Swiss broadband provider specializing in building broadband infrastructure and providing quality broadband services in densely populated cities of developing countries.

Our core objectives include to:

  • Provide broadband connectivity to cities in Africa.
  • Create an easy-to-use system for acquiring ISP services.
  • Give users control over their identity and credit line.
  • Facilitate efficient community building and loyalty programs for ISPs.
  • Provide cross-collateralized and undercollateralized microloans to people in Africa.
  • Implement security and fraud prevention features.
  • Enable secondary markets for bandwidth and other subscription services.
  • Build a robust IoT platform for ISPs.
  • Connect ISPs around the globe and enable true seamless roaming.

Our solution will be implemented over three stages:

  • Stage 1 - Constant expansion throughout Africa to provide broadband connectivity to the masses.
  • Stage 2 - The 3air platform will provide easy access to identity management, payments, and credit line building services.
  • Stage 3 - Changing how telecom services are consumed. We will become the world’s first blockchain-based ISP platform.