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Core objectives

Provide broadband connectivity to cities in Africa

With our K3 partnership, we will build broadband infrastructure in major African cities. K3’s “Cable in the Air” system has been operational in Sierra Leone since 2019, and its operation is already spreading to the DRC. We will first build the infrastructure in DRC and Nigeria and then expand to other countries.

Create an easy-to-use system for acquiring ISP services

Our platform will give users and ISPs an easy-to-use system to onboard new clients, track subscription status, and provide payment solutions through blockchain that even countries without world-class banking systems can easily adopt.

Give the users control over their identity and credit line

We will utilize a system that supports digital identities (DIDs). DIDs are identification and personal information tracking tools with privacy options to give our users their verifiable identities. They also facilitate credit score tracking. With regular broadband service usage and additional payment data, users can build their credit scores and access loans within or outside the platform.

Allow ISPs efficient community building and loyalty programs

Brand recognition, community building, and loyalty programs are essential components of a successful business. Tokens provide a valuable utility for these activities if implemented correctly. Providing discounts and rewards for these special activities fosters community satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Provide cross-collateralized and undercollateralized microloans to people in Africa

It has become increasingly challenging to comply with the requirements and regulations necessary to acquire a bank loan. It is virtually impossible if you do not own a bank account and cannot provide bank statements or income records. With digital identities and financial tracking, we can safely, privately, and securely store important personal financial information that helps to assess your credit capabilities. Data on the blockchain is immutable and does not require authenticity proofing. Hence, credit scores can be calculated automatically and loans granted instantly. This information can be used within the ISP system to quickly acquire payday loans or connect with other microloan services outside the system.

Implement security and fraud prevention features

Starting with digital identities and tracking acquired services on the blockchain, the platform will help to reduce fraud without compromising privacy.

Enable secondary markets for bandwidth and other subscription services

There is untapped potential in fully digitalized subscription services and bandwidth. Secondary markets can potentially stabilize prices to beneficial levels for providers and end users simultaneously. With IoT integration, this creates a seamless roaming and device switching experience.

Build a robust IoT platform for ISPs

IoT on blockchain enables devices to create tamper-resistant records of shared transactions on the internet. It also enables business partners to share and access IoT data without central control and management.

IoT devices track critical infrastructure and maintenance, including core networks and base stations. This utility enables other partners or governments to access operational records or perform tasks on individual devices without any central authority.

Connect ISPs around the globe and enable true seamless roaming

Roaming becomes seamless when IoT, digital identities, and bandwidth tokenization are in place. Switching between networks is instant, secure, trackable, and easily verifiable.