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Presale & Presale App

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What is TGE?

Token Generation Event. In crypto, that's the process of issuing or in lay terms releasing the tokens.

How long till TGE?

3air token is launching on 22nd September 2022.

On what network is 3air launching?

We are launching on Binance Smart Chain.

What will the initial token price be?

Initial liquidity will be provided in the range between 0.065$ and 0.075$.

What is the initial marketcap?


Will all the tokens be available at launch?

Only 0.45% of the total supply will be unlocked at the launch.

How many tokens in circulation on launch?

3,700,657 3air tokens

What were the prices in the presale?

  • Seed round: $0.01
  • Private round: $0.0379
  • Public round: $0.06
  • Launchpads: $0.065

What were the minimal and maximal contributions for the private sale and public sale?

To prevent major holdings, we have decided to provide smaller tickets and severely limit bigger tickets. The limits are:

  • Private round: min $48k - max $600k
  • Public presale 1: min $600 - max $49.8k
  • Public presale 2: min / - max $120

Read more on the tokenomics here:

How much have been raised approximately at this moment?


Is the presale closed?

There are 8M 3air tokens still available for presale and will be available for launchpads, planned for September 2022.

How long till my vesting period is over?

Vesting dates are shown on the "Claim 3air" tab when you log in through our 3air app page.

Were there any rewards if we referred friends and family to partake in the public sale?

Yes, 5% referral bonus.

Tokens rewarded for giveaways and referrals, do they also follow the public sale vesting schedule?

No, these tokens are 100% available on TGE.

Go to our 3air app page and connect your wallet with Metamask or WalletConnect.

I get an error while i try to connect to 3air app, what now?

You need to have Binance Smart Chain network selected in your wallet to connect. How to add BSC network --> Binance Smart Chain

When will my 3air tokens be transferred to my wallet?

You will be able to claim your tokens at TGE scheduled on 22nd of September 2022.

Where will 3air token be listed?

We will start with at least a tier 2 cex exchange along with dex shortly after and then aim at tier 1 exchanges throughout 2023.

Will you be listing in one of the African exchanges?

We will for sure look into listing locally where we provide our services.

Where can i get updates on the progress?

Make sure to join our --> Telegram, Telegram ANN, Discord, Youtube and Subscribe to our --> Blog, Medium