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Telecom Management System (TMS)

TMS is a unique all-in-one software solution for telecom operators. The idea behind TMS is to have a single software solution for every company function. Single solution that everybody knows how to use. Single workplace for every employee. Providing each employee with exactly the information they need, without overwhelming them. Allowing them to do their job without having countless spreadsheet files across departments.

TMS is also more than just some service software because it includes proven procedures for completing common telecom tasks like activating a customer, handling support tickets, organizing networking department, or day to day planning of field installation teams. The system must also be secure and protected against fraud. All this makes building TMS upon a blockchain platform easier, effective, and secure.

Customers will be assigned individual accounts connected to their DIDs and that will allow them to use the service. Each account will be connected to a blockchain wallet that can be recharged by the customer. Customers can approve automatic spending through smart contracts, or they can choose to pay for services themselves. With the use of a smart contract the remaining credit can be used for phone calls or other on demand services. Smart contract interactions can always be canceled by the user. Additional bonuses, discounts and rewards are automatically calculated through on-chain data.

The use of DIDs also helps prevent fraud.

Key characteristics of TMS are:

  • easy management of every aspect of telecom business,
  • simple to use and scalable,
  • carefully designed process framework for telecom startup,
  • system supported company growth (processes grow as company grows).

A one-click, modular, White label, TMS solution will be developed. The modules will include metering, billing provisioning, controlling, community building, loyalty building and others, especially designed for use in the telecom industry. Connections with accounting software providers will be automated.

With platform development, TMS will also be upgraded with new modules enabling features like:

  • services and bandwidth tokenization,
  • loans options,
  • IoT and device management,
  • seamless roaming.

These features are further explained in other parts of this document.

An API will be provided for businesses to easy integrate the 3air platform into their existing TMS.