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Token supply, distribution, and release schedule

One of the most important metrics of the token is its total supply. It is not the most important one though as the real information comes from how many tokens are in active circulation and that on the other hand depends on how the already created tokens are distributed to the public. With a known and transparent release schedule, some of the disturbances caused in changes of the supply stated by Keynes (Keynes, 2016), can be effectively priced in early.

The initial and max supply of 3air tokens will be 1 billion. The initial 3air supply is also its final supply. No more 3air tokens will ever be minted.

All tokens will be pre-minted and token vesting governed by smart contracts. This removes the need for trust and best utilizes the blockchains trustless characteristics. Once the initial token distribution is complete, 3air will not have the power to change token releases or manipulate token pools.

Initial distribution and token vesting

Table 2 3air initial token distribution and vesting

#tokens % vesting
Total 1,000,000,000 100%
Presale 205,000,000 32% multiple vestings
Farming/staking 100,000,000 10% 2.5% per month starting 3 months after listing
Airdrops 50,000,000 5% 2% at TGE, 98% linear for 18 months starting at listing
Team 80,000,000 8% linear for 12 months starting 12 months after listing
Marketing 50,000,000 5% 5% per month starting 5 months after listing
Advisors + influencers 50,000,000 5% linear for 12 months starting 10 months after listing
Ecosystem 300,000,000 30% 4% per month, starting 1 month after listing
Exchange liquidity & MM 50,000,000 5% 100% on listing with 3y liqudity lock
Token burn* 115,000,000 11.5%

* Because of grants and privare equity riase, we have decided to burn the coresponding token value.

To ensure broad distribution of the 3 air tokens, there is a limit of maximum 15M 3air tokens or 1.5% of max token supply per user on private rounds and a limit of 830,000 3air tokens (0.083%) per user in the public sale.

3air initial token distribution

Figure 21 Pie chart: 3air initial token distribution

3air vesting schedulle

Figure 22 Staked chart: 3air token vesting schedule

Seed and private presales

In September 2021 the Seed sale was filled with $100,000 at the price of $0,01 per token.

The private rounds have run back to back, raising the floor price.

There have been 90M tokens for sale in Series A starting in October 2021. Private presale has raised $2,803,660 at the average price of $0.037 per token. Also, a public presale round was conducted with $617,475.60 raised at the token price of $0.06 per token. There are currently 3,635,540 3air tokens from the series A intended scheduled for burning at the first strategically beneficial time after TGE.

Table 3 January raise results

#tokens % price raise vesting
Total 100,000,000 10% $0.0365 $3,521,136
Seed sale 10,000,000 1% $0.01 $100,000 linear for 18 months starting 6 months after listing
Private round 1 30,000,000 3% $0.03 $900,000 linear for 18 months starting 6 months after listing
Private round 2 40,000,000 4% $0.04 $1,600,000 linear for 18 months starting 6 months after listing
Private round 3 6,073,000 0.61% $0.05 $303,660 linear for 18 months starting 6 months after listing
Public presale 10,291,260 1.03% $0.06 $617,476 10% on listing then linear for 18 months*
Unsold 3,635,740 0.36% Transfered to next round

*Average of 2 different vesting schedulles

Current presale and lauchpads

There are 60M 3air tokens stil available for presales.

There will be 30M tokens available for the public presale and launchpads, planned for March and April 2022.

The remaining 30M tokens have been set asside for strategic partners.

Table 3 Current presale and launchpads

#tokens % price raise vesting
Total 60,000,000 6% $0.06 $1,800,000
Public presale 2,000,000 0.2% $0.06 $120,000 linear for 18 months
Launchpads 28,000,000 2.8% $0.06 $1,680,000 10% on listing then linear for 12 months starting after 1 month
Strategic partnerships 30,000,000 3%

Contact us for your 3air opportunity!

Initial market capitalization and listing

The circulating market capitalization at listing will be $406,234 at the listing price of $0.075.

Because of development difficulties cause by the Russian-Ukraine war, the laucnh of the premium SKALE DEX, Ruby has been postponed. Therefore the team has decided to initially launch the 3air token on the Binance Smart Chain and list on PancakeSwap. 3air initial listing is planned for April 2022 but will depend on current market circumstances. There will be no soft cap required for listing as the currently raised funds already provide the necessary capital for building the 3air platform. You can read more on our BSC launch decision here.

Participation in the TGE is subject to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for the 3air Public Distribution. Strict KYC and AML procedures will be followed for all seed, private and public sales.