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Target Markets

3air aims to deliver the perfect solution to create our own market through our partnership with K3 and its proprietary technology.

  • We have a short to mid-term focus on emerging African markets.
  • Our long-term projection is to position our platform globally as the first choice to access and manage bandwidth and ISP services among other functionalities.

Our unique solution positions us to tap into an unexplored market with an estimated valuation of $97 billion annually (assuming a 12% broadband penetration rate).

The biggest obstacle to our success is a lack of infrastructure, however with less than 1% broadband penetration in Africa, our unique technological advantage will allow us to achieve platform growth in a receptive market before competition enters the space. According to research and our survey of over 300 respondents from Nigeria, fast internet is a top life priority. Additionally, Africans are enthusiastic about both broadband and cryptocurrency adoption.

Priority Scale

Figure 3: Most important things for Nigerians in todays life (source: internal research survey)

Desired Internet Speed

Figure 4: Current vs. Desired internet speed in Nigeria (source: internal research survey)

After the successful rollout in Africa, we will explore other emerging markets and enter new partnerships with established ISPs around the globe.


3air will face a variety of competition from traditional telecom giants to new arrivals using innovative solutions, including blockchain technology. No one within the space is building on the novel infrastructure that we are currently developing so any competition is nondirect.

Competition in the Blockchain Space

  • Telcoin
  • Dent
  • Corda
  • Ammbr
  • World Mobile Token

Future Competition

  • 5G technology
  • StarLink