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Our solution

3air Our Solution

To promote the adoption of the 3air platform, we have partnered with K3 telecom AG. This Swiss broadband provider specializes in building broadband infrastructure and providing quality broadband services in densely populated cities within emerging economies. This partnership will help us kick off the 3air platform with our own market.

You can read more about K3 technology, proceedings, current operations, and future plans.

  • In our first stage, we will constantly expand throughout Africa, providing broadband connectivity to the masses.

  • The second stage is the 3air platform, providing easy access to services, identity management, payments, and credit line building. These services will provide additional value to all parties involved.

  • The third stage is to change how we use telecom services to become the world’s first blockchain-based, decentralized, permissionless ISP service platform that provides the tokenization of bandwidth and other services. We will also enable secondary markets and add to security, roaming, IoT, and connect ISPs globally.