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The 3air token

3air is an Ethereum based token on the SKALE blockchain and powers the 3air platform. 3air platform will provide an easy to use, blockchain based, ISP management system with integrated proven security, transparency, and low fees, needed to operate a successful telecom.

3air token will be used to acquire all services on the platform such as monthly subscriptions to internet and TV services, digital identities, staking, rewards and loyalty system and the referral system.

Two strong use cases are the Own your own hardware incentive and the Bandwidth sharing mode.

There is strong community incentive bound to the token with voting right and governance over many aspects of 3air, including token burns and project funding.

The future development will focus on providing collateralized an undercollateralized microloans and other advanced and revolutionary ideas.

Token supply, distribution, and release schedule

We believe that transparency is key to a successful token economy. All information needs to be clearly state and known to the token holder.

There will be a max supply of 1 billion 3air tokens. The tokens will be preminted and locked in smart contracts according to set release schedules. Additional minting will be prevented on Smart Contract basis.

To support good token economy, we have put in place multiple holding and decentralization mechanisms.

3air initial token distribution