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Risk analysis

Our strengths

  • Proprietary technology that allows building broadband infrastructure in densely populated urban areas of developing world.
  • No need to lay cables as we can provide fiber optics grade connections through air.
  • Infrastructure costs only a fraction of traditional telecom operators thus immensely lower CAPEX.
  • Low OPEX.
  • Fully operational within 6 months.
  • Proven and field tested as K3 technology is already fully operational in 9 countries.
  • Team with over 10 years’ experience with telecommunications in Africa.
  • Connections to multiple African officials with agreements of building broadband infrastructure.
  • Clear understanding of telecom software infrastructure needs and how blockchain can bring additional value.
  • Using superior features of SKALE native blockchain solutions, providing speed, security, stability, and cost efficiency.

Our Weaknesses

  • Lack of users. Most of the countries have adapted to using mobile technology and may not feel the need to change, unless 3air is considerably cheaper and more reliable than mobile.
  • The team has no experience in providing financial services such as microloans that are planned for the third stage so we will need to expand our team and gain new skillsets.
  • Later entering new countries where we do not have an established customer base yet.
  • Loosing on some potential early adopters because we are not building on the currently most widely adopted blockchain Ethereum.
  • No internal blockchain marketing experience that’s why we are hiring a professional marketing agency.

Our Opportunities

  • Huge untapped potential of the developing countries with no proper broadband infrastructure.
  • Businesses need this uninterrupted internet service.
  • Remote working relies on good internet connection.
  • Countries open to collaborations as broadband brings new and equal opportunities to the population.
  • Visible commitment from regulators and governments to increase broadband penetration in Africa (clear plans, strategies and policies firmly established).
  • Low competition with inferior products.
  • Huge entry barriers for new competitors.
  • Strong relationships with the SKALE foundation.
  • The SKALE blockchain provides multiple advantages and benefits to other existing blockchain technologies.
  • Fast adoption of blockchain technology in target countries compared to general population.
  • Schools: virtual learning has become more commonplace since COVID19 and is a segment that could benefit needs stable broadband connectivity.

Our Threats

  • Political instability in African countries.
  • Policy and regulatory bottlenecks.
  • Social and Demographic chasms and illiteracy.
  • Possible new technologies disrupting the market in the future.
  • The blockchain technology is new and right now there is no universal adoption of it.
  • Some people might distrust new blockchain projects because of the negative publicity of several scam projects in the past.
  • The SKALE blockchain in particular is new and not all needed technologies have been implemented yet. Yet SKALE is strong within their timeline and will deploy all needed technologies within next months.