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Will you offer any 3air staking?

Yes, we will offer staking of 3air tokens with the reward pool of 100 million 3air (10%), distributed over roughly 3 years. The rewards will be distributed weekly. An app will be provided for easy 3air staking starting about 3 months after TGE.

Read more on staking here:

Will 3air create an app or a vault for holders to connect their wallets during staking? "Users will connect their wallets and insert the amount of tokens they want to stake"

Yes, we will provide an app for easy staking in the early stages.

Can you please clarify this statement "This means early stakers will get higher rewards as the 625,000 3air tokens will be distributed over less staked tokens".

So if there are 625k tokens for rewards and there is 1M tokens staked you would get 0.625 token per staked token. 10M staked would mean 0.0625 per staked token etc. In the beginning less tokens will be in circulation so less will probably be staked. So the earlier the bigger the rewards, probably.

Using the word "staking" can cause confusion in the crypto space as it might implicate PoS.

Yes, we do understand that but we can't use the word yield from a legal perspective. We have been looking into rephrasing it, but the word itself does not in any way implicate that it’s PoS. Actually the word originates far before Crypto was even an idea. You can also look at Binance and staking there and you will see that majority of “staking” in Crypto doesn’t mean PoS. The word staking is not reserved for POS nodes. Yet as said, we do see how it can cause confusion. If you have an idea how to rephrase, let's hear it.

Staking runs for three years, what happens after three years?

We are planning to launch our own PoS sidechain that will use the 3air token for powering and securing the network through validators.

Read more on staking here: