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Token generation event (TGE) and vesting

3air is launching on Binance Smart Chain. There are multiple reasons for this: low gas fees, huge liquidity, big community of users, established DEX, connections to Binance and better listing options.

As we have always had the vision to be easy accessible from multiple chains, 3air plans to deploy its applications on multiple chains, starting with SKALE. There are potential next targets that we aim for after a successful launch, like Near, Avalanche, Fantom and Milkomeda.

We have currently deployed our Digital Identity Solution on the SKALE test network, and our NFT marketplace is deployed on BSC. As we will use NFTs to provide access to our broadband internet services, the NFT market place is of key importance to 3air. We are currently in the process of deploying a cross-chain NFT marketplace and this cross-chain flexibility will make our platform accessible and usable for the broad spectrum of users that are our target audience.

Vesting will start together with providing the initial CEX/DEX liquidity. We will mint the tokens before listing to provide better transparency as token lockups will be clearly visible on-chain and because of some launchpads requiring tokens upfront to integrate with their platforms. The vesting cannot start before the initial listing as anyone holding tokens already would be able to provide liquidity themselves and that can cause potential problems with scams or high volatility of the traded token.

An app will be provided that will allow you to connect an integrated browser wallet (like Metamask) and claim your tokens at any point in time. With zero-fees you will be able to be in control of your own tokens at any point in time with no additional cost. The vesting will be done continuous on every EPOCH. This means that you will not need to wait for a whole month before you will be able to claim your tokens, but you can claim the already vested tokens at any time you want, even multiple times per day.

3air, its affiliates or third parties may provide first liquidity in the amount of 50M 3air tokens at the price of $0.1. If it is in the interest of 3air and the community, this liquidity could potentially remain in place for a long period of time, such as 3 years. Because of the fast development of the blockchain space, an appropriate exchanges might be selected at a date closer to the TGE.

For a successful launch, 3air aims to list on several prominent centralized exchanges and funds will be set aside to provide efficient market making services, supporting the token.