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Core team

Sandi Bitenc - CEO

Sandi Bitenc 3air CEO

Sandi is a serial entrepreneur and a computer geek. His professional computer career started already in his teens when he was part of a hosting and domain registrar startup company that went to become the biggest in the Adriatic area and branched to software development and a fully-fledged marketing agency. He has leading experience in the gaming industry and the health industry. He is part of many blockchain communities and devotes most of his time to the industry. As a WR holder in 24-hour apnea diving he is well goal oriented and relentless in its pursuit.

Davor Žic - CTO

Davor Žic - 3air CTO

Davor has over 20 years’ experience in the telecom and IT industry. He founded many successful companies and is involved in development, planning, deployment and security of various system integrations and telecom networks. He has worked as CTO and CEO in various SE Europe companies in system integration and renewable energy sectors. He is the CTO of K3 and responsible for the paten ed wireless K3 Lastmile solution technology.

Nejc Bukovec - Chief Token Relations Officer

Nejc Bukovec - 3air Chief Token Relations Officer

Nejc is a founder of multiple successful blockchain companies and projects. He keeps close connections to multiple crypto exchanges and blockchain projects. He holds a master’s in business economics and has founded mu tiple successful business. He is an investor and an FX trading professional.

Rok Mihailović Krpan - Head of development

Rok Mihailović Krpan - 3air Head of development

Rok has over 7 years of experience in IT and programming and over 3 years of experience in leading various development teams with products ranging from web platforms all the way to the low-level embedded system. He’s always on track with latest technologies available to the development community. He’s proficient in Go, Java, JavaScript, C++ and different web technologies and frameworks. He is also behind the development of most of K3 Telecom proprietary software solutions including IPTV and multiple telecom infrastructure management solutions. He is involved in advancing IoT infrastructure around Africa with some custom LoRa based solutions that can be provided by ISPs to their users.

Domen Leš - Lead developer

Domen Leš - 3air Lead developer

Domen has over 2 years’ experience on developing a crypto exchange. He holds’ a bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Communication Technologies from University of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Co puter Science. He is a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH Master). He is a senior developer with over 6 years’ experience including IT and security. He’s proficient in Java, Kotlin, Golang, Haskell, Reverse Engineering, Security, Pentesting, Software development, Software Integration. He’s currently working on his master’s thesis in innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Samo Zorger - Operations Associate

Samo Zorger - 3air Operations Associate

Samo is helping in daily operations of 3air and devotes 100% of his time to it. He has over 5 years of experience in the financial markets and more than 3 years experience in project management and operations. He is a highly organized individual with strong attention to detail as well as passionate about the cryptocurrencies space and digital assets in general.

Laura Pompe Sterle - Lead designer

Laura Pompe Sterle - 3air Lead designer

Laura is a senior graphics designer with over 20 years of experience in design for corporate identity, trademarks, business publications and online communications. She has experience in designing as a freelancer and being a part of big advertising agencies and business publications.

Ruba Aramouny from SOLID - Social Media Manager

Ruba Aramouny 3air Social Media Manager

Ruba has over 10 years’ experience in online marketing and has been running SOLID Ma keting, an online marketing agency since 2014. She holds’ a double Master’s in Strategic Marketing and Entrepreneurship & SME Management.

Anita Mlakar - PR

Anita Mlakar - 3air PR

Anita is a PR and communication specialist. She has her own online PR Academy and develops full-length PR strategies. She’s been a journalist at the no. 1 national radio stationand a television presenter at the no. 1 national TV station.

Solome Daniel - East Africa operations coordinator

Solome Daniel - East Africa operations coordinator

Solome is a business coordinator at iceaddis - Ethiopia's first innovation hub and tech startups incubator. She was part of the first team of the Creativehub Ethiopia which was initiated by UNIDO in 2020. She has proven marketing and coordination experience and she got her BA in marketing management and work for diverse groups or organizations including technology and creative industry.