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There is enormous potential in providing additional financial services in third world countries, but they come with their own scope of issues. The still unsolved problem are low repayment rates unless strict selection processes are implemented, or a good enforcing mechanism exists.

As a platform for ISP providers and DID issuer we will be exploring the options of providing microloans to customers for acquired services. With a valid payment track record and other personal information, we can enter low risk micro loans in the scope of previously acquired services. Additionally, 3air tokens can be staked as collateral for loan repayment.

With time, large amount of data should enable us to build a sound credit score model that could potentially allow the 3air platform to expand microloans beyond the ISP providers, giving customers options of financial inclusion and standard banking services. A working microloans system could attract outside capital into developing countries allowing for their faster growth. A good system could also allow for undercollateralized loans in the future.

A special team will be assigned to the area of general microloans system development, focusing on the anonymous data analysis, collected from ISPs with the purpose of building an advanced AI algorithm for autonomous microloans approval and processing.

We will build upon experience of existing projects such as Kiva and published academic papers1.

3air will devote resources and form a special team to research microloans and seek partnerships with current leaders in this field. A separate white paper on the subject of microloans may be published at a later stage.

3air microloans system

Figure 18 3air microloans system

1 Papers like Tchakoute-Tchuigoua and Soumaré: The effect of loan approval decentralization on microfinance institutions outreach and loan portfolio quality and Dushimimana, Wambui, Lubega and McSharry: Use of Machine Learning Techniques to Create a Credit Score Model for Airtime Loans