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Decentralization mechanisms

Only a maximally decentralized token is a stable and secure token. 3air will do its best to decentralize 3air holdings with the following tools at hand:

  • Private round sales are capped at max 15M token (1.5% of total supply) per user and public sales are capped at 830.000 tokens (0.0083% of total supply).
  • All platform users could be incentivized to hold tokens with staking, discounts, and rewards. With expected over a million users in 2025, 3air could potentially be one of the most widely distributed tokens even in the short period of time.
  • Part of the fees could potentially go to community pools and could be distributed outside of the current network, incentivizing the increase of token holders.
  • Staking rewards could be capped to a maximum of 50M tokens to disincentivize “whale” holdings.
  • Majority of our presale should be public with small allocations, making the initial distribution spread to as many users as possible.