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Rewards and loyalty system

3air platform will offer a full rewards and loyalty system based on the 3air token. It is to note that 3air will only provide the platform with the rewards functionality, but it is up to the users to opt in and configure it to their needs.

The 3air rewards and loyalty system will be evolving through time. As of now these functionalities have been identified and may be integrated:

  • gamified ranks,
  • cashbacks,
  • airdrops,
  • customizable, tier specific rewards,
  • integrated social actions,
  • referral marketing,
  • reviews system,
  • coupons as NFTs,
  • campaigns and campaign management.

The system aims to provide a customizable rewards system, suitable for ISPs with integrated token-based rewards structure.

There are distinctive differences to traditional loyalty systems:

  • Loyalty points are discarded and replaced by the token itself.
  • Airdrops.
  • Customer engagement can be multiplied by token holding.
  • The platform itself can contribute to individual ISP loyalty programs.
  • Referrals can be easily tracked through multiple providers or even platforms.
  • Coupons can be potentially issued as NFTs, providing additional functionalities such as secondary markets (as this option might or might not be desired, it can be turned on or off per NFT).

The main difference to traditional rewarding is for sure the use of tokens as ponders. They can be used independently where they provide benefits directly just by holding tokens, or in combination with other rewardable actions where they are used to enhance the user rewards (a user holding more tokens could receive higher rewards for completing a task than a user not holding any tokens).

The user can potentially progress on the rewards ranks or acquire rewards with actions such as:

  • accumulating purchases,
  • being a long term, loyal client,
  • holding x amount of 3air tokens pondered by the time of holding them,
  • completing tasks, set up by the client,
  • referring customers,
  • sharing and promoting content,
  • writing product or services reviews.

Rewards can be potentially given in forms such as:

  • discounts on services,
  • token and NFT airdrops,
  • redeemable NFTs for specific services (can also be pegged to a specific user),
  • token cashback.

3air rewards system

Figure 13 3air rewards system

We believe that such features should be appealing to any ISP provider and a must have in a modern business model. It is a powerful feature when used individually by an ISP but there is also a connection to other ISPs through the 3air token. The more clients use the rewards system the more token value is being created on the platform and with this, each token holder is gaining value. ISPs may have high average 3air token holdings as the payments will be processed in 3air, therefore, they could potentially be incentivized to use the token-based loyalty system as it could compound their returns. It will perform well in the traditional sense in obtaining new and retaining old clients.

To additionally stimulate clients to integrate our token-based loyalty system, 3air may subsidize clients 3air token-based rewards with a specified percentage of total fees (e.g., 5-6%) incurred by the client calculated each first day of a specified period for the previous period (e.g., monthly). For instance, if a client has during the previous month paid 10.000 3air tokens in fees and paid 1.000 3air tokens as rewards to its users, 3air would refund 600 3air tokens to the client. If the client would pay out only 500 3air tokens as rewards that month, the refund would be the whole 500 3air tokens spent on rewards. Each period the counter is reset. This process would be automated and governed by a smart contract that evaluates the transactions from each client and at specific timestamps.

Additionally, an API will be provided to allow integration with clients’ current rewards system.

K3 has already agreed to use the full rewards system for its clients.