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Connectivity NFTs

3air users can access 3air’s services through NFTs.

Device NFTs

In the first step, 3air will issue an NFT that identifies the user's hardware. It will allow 3air to enable its services on the correct device and give the owner the ability to clearly and unmistakably identify their hardware. The hardware will contain an image of the actual device, its serial number, and all the relevant information 3air needs to provide its services to that device.

NFTs will also allow the end user to manage their connectivity in different locations. A user may have a router connected at home and the office. They will own 2 Device NFTs to access 3air services.

Connectivity NFTs

The second type of NFT will provide information about the exact services that need to be provided to the Device NFT.

A user will be able to mint an NFT in the 3air marketplace. They can choose the type and location of the services they want from the marketplace. A general NFT will be minted with an intrinsic value expressed in USD value.

This makes the NFTs truly interchangeable as different services and locations have different service prices. Additionally, once 3air opens up to other providers, these NFTs can be freely transferred to any geographical region or service among providers within the 3air ecosystem.

Once users want to use these NFTs to access the services, they can stake them in the Device NFT. At this point, they need to select their provider and service. The user can change these preset pieces of information according to their preferred settings.

Once activated, the NFT changes its initial intrinsic value from a USD-denominated figure to the specific service and provider. From this point, the NFT can only work for the activated service. If the service is time-based, the countdown will begin from the moment of activation.

At any point, the user can unstake their NFT from the Device NFT and stake it in a different Device NFT to use the services there. They can also sell, gift, or rent their NFT.

3air expects secondary telecom services markets to soon begin trading and exchanging value to unprecedented levels in the space,and this can be seen as an evolution of the mobile minutes also popularized by African communities.

It also opens up possibilities for new business models and philanthropic donations contributed by sending NFTs to the Device NFTs of schools or talented students in need of financial aid..


These NFTs will be built with expansion options and flexibility in mind. Because of cultural variability worldwide, technical and business solutions must be adaptable.

For instance, in regions where trust is an issue, the Device NFT may require a 3air stake to guarantee the safety of the hardware. If the hardware is not properly protected or lost, the staked 3air tokens might get slashed.

Additionally, a long-term staking pool can be used instead of long-term contracts to return the staked 3air tokens when the commitment period has ended. If the user does not honor their commitment, the staked 3air tokens may get slashed.

These staked tokens may be part of the general staking pool and could earn rewards that might help pay off used HW in places where upfront funding may be an issue.

The world of NFTs offers novel solutions with additional benefits compared to their Web2 counterparts and will soon make their way into mainstream business solutions.