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Brand kit

Please follow our brand kit when creating any content connected with 3air.


Logo Name Preview Downloads
3air icon logo basic Primary logo PDF Pack (PNG/SVG)
3air icon logo basic Secondary logo PDF Pack (PNG/SVG)
3air icon logo basic Symbol logo PDF Pack (PNG/SVG)


Sample Name Description Download link
Montserrat font Montserrat To be used for all 3air headings and body copy Google fonts


SampleNameTypeColor code
RGB: 237/23/76
HEX: #ed174c
dark greysupport0/0/0/80
RGB: 51/51/51
HEX: #333333
whitesupportCMYK: 0/0/0/0
RGB: 255/255/255
greysupportCMYK: 0/0/0/10
RGB: 233/233/234
cyansupportCMYK: 40/0/10/0
RGB: 132/236/239
cyan brightsupportCMYK: 21/0/5/0
RGB: 191/240/249
turquoisesupportCMYK: 75/10/30/0
RGB: 36/174/177
HEX: #24AEB1
dark rosesupportCMYK: 25/100/45/5
RGB: 182/20/90
HEX: #B6145A

Use of colors

The basic colors of the logo are rose red white and dark grey, which vary according to the base of the logo. For content in support of rose red and white, we use Cyan, Turquoise and dark grey. In general advertising, colors are limited on these combinations . All colors, shades, color combinations and toppings that are consistent with the base and support colors can be used.


WEB ready and animated elements

3air logo with shadow

Animated logo with shadow

Animated logo - short

Animated logo with shadow - short