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Company token buybacks

If it is deemed beneficial to promote the usage of the 3air platform and incentivize, 3air may cause a buyback of 3air tokens periodically (e.g., quarterly) in amounts that could be around 20% or 30% of all collected fees. These tokens could be sent to a community pool and be either burned or used for funding ESG compliant community projects. Decisions related to tokens buy-backs and related use of bought tokens might be taken consensually with the community using surveys, polls or other opinion-gathering and voting mechanisms.

If a token buy-back occurs, 3air may not publicly announce any token buyback amounts or dates upfront but may announce them only after the event had occurred. For the avoidance of doubt, the above does not directly imply that 3air would buy tokens on open markets, if any.

Token buyback option

Figure 10 Token buyback option