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Executive summary

3air Executive summary

We have identified an amazing and field-tested technology that will bring broadband internet connectivity to places where it is impossible or uneconomical to build it traditionally. With a strong user base, we will develop, test, and deploy a blockchain platform to allow tokenizing telecom services and revolutionize how we perceive and consume them.

Blockchain technology is disrupting virtually every industry, and it is only a matter of time before it takes over the telecom industry - improving services, privacy, and security. We are proposing radical solutions to perennial problems in the industry that seem unsolvable using traditional methods.

These changes are paradigm-shifting, and the adaptation phase can take a whole generation. It is not about whether this change will happen but when. Still, someone has to inspire this change and lead the transition from traditional models.

As a first step, we are building a platform based on blockchain technology that will enable migrating traditional systems to the blockchain with minor improvements in security, traceability, customer care, and privacy. This transition should not be difficult for the ISP provider and the user.

Secondly, we will develop, test, and deploy new features outlined in this document, changing how we think and look at providing subscription services on the internet, especially in the telecom industry.

We have decided to create our own customer base to drive the adoption of our platform and make the transition easier. This will be a customer base that does not have extensive experience with telecoms, but is eager to learn and is increasingly reliant on the blockchain.

As Satoshi Nakamoto outlined in his work (Nakamoto, 2008), Bitcoin and blockchain should and will liberate people and empower them, especially the underprivileged, suppressed by corrupt governments or institutions. We are adding the unconnected to the list.

We will bring fast, stable broadband to African cities, starting with Ethiopia, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We will bring a reliable connection to the outside world and facilitate inclusion in the global educational, health, financial, and business economies.

Connecting the unconnected will bring millions of new users to our platform. Our growth reflects our power to motivate radical change within the industry and connect globally. Connectivity and inclusion are at the core of Satoshi’s vision for the blockchain, and that is what we wish to inspire with our project.