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General questions

What is 3air?

3air connects Africa’s cities to the World with the help of proprietary telecom infrastructure and a blockchain based telecom/ISP platform. It enables optics grade broadband connectivity, digital TV and IP telephony through air, accompanied by an easy to use blockchain platform that allows for digital identities, bankless payments, customer loyalty and referrals, governance and community building, microloans, IoT and other important telecom oriented functionalities.

Read our executive summary here:

What is your marketing strategy?

Our marketing efforts focus on:

Social media marketing

Our social media channels focus heavily on community building and education. 3air is represented on all major social media channels with daily posts. The content is adapted depending on the different target audiences and placements.

Our biggest following is currently on Twitter with 32.000 followers.

We host regular live-stream AMAs and Twitter Spaces, where we invite advisors, guest speakers and influencers from the crypto and blockchain space. In our Twitter spaces, place a special focus on putting African creators of blockchain and crypto projects as well as local African educational and non-profit projects in the spotlight.










Paid advertising

Paid ads run on major crypto-related placements, targeting blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. Platforms and placements include:

  • Brave ads: Push notifications and placements that target crypto-enthusiast users of Brave browser.
  • Display Campaigns on premium placements, such as Etherscan, BSCScan, Coin360 and more.
  • Display Campaigns on additional placements, such as minerstat, Coinquora, Coingape, Zycrypto and more.
  • Telegram channel advertisement
  • Social media advertising on Twitter Ads, Facebook and more.

Content marketing

Our content marketing strategy is aimed at educating users about the 3air’s blockchain platform, as well as the current state of connectivity in Africa. Our content is published in different formats, including:

  • Blog articles

  • Videos on Youtube, Tiktok, Reels and other social media platforms

  • Infographics

  • Guest posts

Giveaways & Airdrops

3air hosts ongoing giveaways and airdrops to grow and incentivize the community. Notable giveaways include:

  • Ultimate Presale Giveaway: 175,000 tokens + Macbook Air

  • Ultimate New Years Giveaway: 175,000 $3AIR + iPhone

  • 3air Community Giveaway: $100,000 $3AIR tokens

In addition, engaged community members are rewarded through airdrops and giveaways during live AMAs and other activities.


In addition to own paid media outlets, we regularly engage in cross-promotion and co-marketing activities with our partners. This includes cross-promotion of our brands on Twitter and other social media channels, promotions in newsletter segments, blogs and joint press releases.

PR & Influencers

3air regularly appears in the media through sponsored articles, press releases, organic articles.

You can find an list of our most recent media clippings here:

Our PR strategy includes:

  • Paid media: Sponsored articles, reports, and press releases

  • Earned media: organic coverage by outlets; articles, mentions and quotes

  • Influencers: appearances on podcasts and AMAs. Examples include the Decrypt Daily show by Matthew Diemer, CryptoCowboys and more

  • Guest speaking opportunities and industry-specific events

We are continually working on our marketing efforts, to bring 3air mainstream as it deserves to be.

Why do you need to be on the blockchain?

There are certain issues in developing countries and in the telecom industry that the decentralized and permissionless nature of the blockchain technology can easily solve. We believe that blockchain is the future of banking and identities, and developing countries are the perfect place to start implementing these concepts. We are aware others are trying to do similar, but we are going to have access to a big user base we are creating by bringing broadband infrastructure where it hasn't been built before. With this user base and our knowledge in telecommunications and blockchain, we want to be the first mover in providing blockchain based solutions for current problems and issues telecom providers face today.

Who are your competitors?

We are mostly competing with local mobile providers as they moved into the space of providing data for their users. There are mobile operators present in Africa but over 90% of the infrastructure is still either 2G or 3G. The network is overcrowded and thus slow and unstable. Even in the developed world where we now have 4G and 5G, we are still using our broadband internet on a daily basis. We are mostly tapping into untapped market potential in Africa. On the blockchain space there are different payment solutions and some digital identity solutions out there. Also, projects like Dent and Telcoin are entering the telecom/blockchain space, but they are all currently focusing on selling subscriptions type services through their systems. We are providing a full platform to our own customers and once we have developed it fully, we will open it up to other telcos and ISPs. The project most like ours though is for sure the World Mobile Token as they are aiming to provide bandwidth to people in Africa but they are building on Cardano. WMT are aiming at rural areas in Africa, and we are aiming at the big cities.

Read more on our comeptition here:

How do you stand out from your competitors?

We have the ability to provide stable and fast internet connection where nobody else can build it with traditional technology. We can reach the masses of Africa's big cities as they don’t have any broadband infrastructure present. And we can do it fast and cost-effective. With this we are building our own user base that is ready for big changes that can potentially revolutionize the telecom and broadband industry. Our team is very well versed in the telecommunication sector as it is in the IT and blockchain space, so we are the perfect match of knowledge, expertise and a community ready for the coming change.

How will you respond to competition?

We believe we have a superior technology in regard to speed and stability. We can offer unbeatable internet access (faster and uncapped data packages), digital TV and IP telephony. Our OPEX are far lower so we can potentially undercut the competition if needed. With this we have our own customers on the platform. If other platforms emerge with similar focus, we will use the power of our own community to stand out from the competition and focus our efforts in providing the best solutions for currently unsolved problems of the telecom industry and people from developing countries.

When do you plan going live in the first new African city?

We will go live in about 6 months after successful raise.

Looking at Nigeria, do you plan connecting a state or a city in a state? Cos I keep reading connecting major cities and not states.

We are looking at Lagos and Abuja for starters.

What does "custodial wallet" mean?

A wallet that you don't control your private keys but the custodian does this for you. A typical example is a CEX wallet or some other hot wallets (i.e. Binance, Coinbase). With non-custodial, you are the only one in control of your funds.

Are those tokens already used in Sierra Leone? Or was it just an experiment for the technological part?

No, the tokens are not out yet and they haven't been used until now. The Sierra Leone was the testing ground for the broadband technology. But Sierra Leone users will come on the platform once it's ready.

Will people outside of Africa be able to purchase a subscription and use the services?

Yes but the closer to the base stations you are the better so realistically you would only benefit from the service if you were inside the African countries 3air is available in. You can however purchase an NFT based subscription and donate to a local school for example who would greatly benefit from the service.

How are you going to tackle decentralization of the token?

TBH we don't want to reinvent the wheel on decentralization. We had limited max amount of tokens in the presales so no major holdings will be there. Also every 3air user will need to hold tokens. Staking is capped, again aiming at decentralization. The whole team took just 8% of the total token supply so no major holdings there... As for the DAO we will start including the community more and more in our proceedings as we go along, copying the Catalyst model.

Read more on 3air decentralization mechanisms here:

How many resources (engineers/developers) are strictly focused on your company’s product. How many employees and engineers do you have and how many are dedicated to Africa (or by country?)

3air and K3 (as it is a joint effort) combined have over 40 dedicated developers for this operation. Altogether there are 100+ people working full time (devs, engineers working on site in Sierra Leone, marketing, management).

Why did you chose to settle down in the British Virgin Islands? Since most letterbox companies are quite known to settle there.

We looked at a lot of options and in the end BVI was the only feasible within our timeframe. Switzerland was an option and even with all the connections we have there it would take us about a year to get all fully regulated and the costs are around half million swiss franks just for the company setup and legalities. That's a waste of investor money IMO. Then we have been looking at Singapore and the situation is a bit better in regards to fees but worse in regards to time. Malta is another one that popped up as they have regulations in place yet only 1 license was issued during the last year. Estonia was one but with the latest crackdown it's also now closed for token issuing. Dubai was actually our first choice but the regulation is still not ready. If you launch there you are immediately a security no mater what, so that was a no-go. So then we got stuck with BVI as everything else is even less reputable. But if you look carefully you'll see that most tokens right now launch form there, even WMT did. And yes there are bad ones, but there are also good ones. Also if you look at our BVI company there is no shady things there. We didn't set any different owners or directors. We are all publicly known figures and nobody from us would risk any legal actions or similar.

What solutions do you have for data privacy?

We are implementing Atala Prism and their Vaults for privacy. Also our sidechain will specifically target data privacy from the telecom perspective. But this is something that our Devs or CTO need to answer in detail.

How will you meet the necessary regulatory requirements for each country in Africa?

A company is not able to just go and set up in any country without the correct permissions in place. All necessary regulatory requirements are therefore in place before any movement in that specific country can commence.

Is it a profitable business? The purpose is good, but I wonder it will lead to profits.

You need to look a bit around and see if telecoms are profitable businesses. Of course they are!

How does K3 benefit from partnering with 3air?

K3 is providing the Telecom infrastructure and 3air will be providing a blockchain platform that will allow end users access to the services they might not be able to get without it. Many people in Africa don’t have access to the necessary identification and banking services and as 3air are providing these K3 will benefit from access to a large portion of the population they might not have access to without 3air.

What does the 3air logo mean?

Icon 3 (three): Connectivity, communication, and satisfaction are key components of the 3air company values. The components constitute the symbol 3, whose shape and positioning represents wireless internet connection (air), which is essential for customers’ contentment.

3air logo explanation

What do the 3 fingers represent?

There are 2 explanations for it:

  1. They represent the 3 parts: 3air + you (community) + people of Africa.
  2. If you look at it closely you can see the resemblance with a wireless router with 3 antennas.

3air fingers explanation

What is your experience in the Telecom industry? What level of expertise do you have in blockchain?

We have a team that’s running a telecom right now in Sierra Leone. What’s even more important is that it’s actually a telecom in Africa as there’s a big big difference to how you do business in Europe or US. So we believe we have the best team for the job.

As for the blockchain we don’t have any cryptographers on the team but we do have a big dev team with experience in writing smart contracts and dApps. The CEO is actually an economist with a big tech and blockchain background so we believe that’s the most important part in setting up the business model and running 3air. As we start progressing towards our sidechain we will hire experts that will help us build what we want. We know where we will need more smart people in the future and are planning for that already.

Can I be a volunteer in the team?

Sure, we welcome everyone that want's to contribute to our cause. Please contact us at and one of our team members will talk to you and set up everything you might need. We are looking for translators, content creators, promotors, influencers...

What is the relationship between 3air and World Mobile?

There is no relation between 3air with World Mobile. Both are different projects.

In regards to WM, we have similar goals, we are just going at it another way. We are actually aiming at big cities with lot's of potential users as WM is more into the rural areas and we think they will do great thing there in the future.

The biggest difference would probably be that we have already a working solution for what we want to do and we have already built it in Sierra Leone. Next phase is just fast expansion and we are ready for it.

Although World Mobile isn’t direct competition, if a consumer has a choice between 3air and WMT, what is 3air’s value proposition, especially if the cost is higher?

The level of connectivity is not comparable to what WMT will be able to offer. We can provide dedicated speeds to end users up to 1 Gbps. There are also over 150 digital TV channels in our system that we offer independent on your internet usage. And IP telephony is something that will be very interesting for larger businesses. So as you can see a totally different value proposition.

I understand that K3 Telecom proprietary technology will be used. However, why do you think this technology cannot be copied by big telecom operators with little tweak once they see the success of this technology?

They have tried and they failed, but at one point someone will come up with a better solution for sure. That is why we are looking for rapid expansion right now. We estimate we have about 3 to 5 years leeway and that should be enough to establish us in the market.

How is 3air generating profits?

The first and main revenue stream is the fees on all transactions as all blockchains and platforms are doing it. The secondary revenue will come from additional provided services, like microloans, remittances..

The revenue generated by 3air, is there any plan to share those revenue with token holders?

3air is not a security token so we can not and will not be sharing any revenue. What we will do is maybe buyback some tokens on a quarterly basis if we see the benefit goes to all parties. Then the community can vote on what they want to do with the tokens.

You can read more on token buybacks here: