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3air blockchain platform

Do you have a sharing economy?

Yes, we have a sharing economy but we are doing it differently than other projects. The main difference is, that we are taking into account the actual ISP (Internet Service Provider). We believe that only such a system will be long term sustainable. We also don’t think a full blockchain and nodes are really necessary in the way we are doing the sharing. Still nodes are planned at the later stage when we do a data privacy layer and tokenization of broadband.

You can read more about our bandwidth sharing model here:

So you use Blockchain technology for payment and accounting?

This is what we intend to build in the first place yes, but not only that.. The White Paper is 120 pages worth of info and the blockchain takes part in community building, privacy, data sharing, bandwidth sharing, fraud prevention, roaming and many other functions.

What will the 3air token be used for anyway? Internet subscribers will have to pay access to internet with 3air token?

There are many token utilities on top of payment and access. Here’s a list of current use cases:

  1. All subscriptions need to be paid with 3air
  2. Holding 3air will get you discounts
  3. Agents, resellers, referees will all need to hold 3air to qualify
  4. Staking (early and later as validators)
  5. The company will stake tokens for each new user that will be used to later payback the for the HW leased out to the user (Own your own HW incentive)
  6. Collateral/crosscollateral for microloans
  7. Power the bandwidth sharing model to run the access points and for insurance
  8. Governance token, so used for voting
  9. Company token buybacks
  10. Community pool tokens can be used to burn or to fund local projects
  11. With v2 it may be the native token for our second layer solution with

Read more on use cases here:

When will the mainnet be launched?

It depends on what you mean by mainnet. We should be connecting first clients and be fully operational within 6 months after the presale is closed, but our own sidechain will require more research and work so we are aiming for that to go live in Q4 2023.

See our roadmap here:

Will users be able to buy tokens directly from the app - or will they need to create a wallet & an exchange account?

We will have a fiat onboard ramp present but that fiat onboard will have their own KYC requirements as it will be a third party provider. We will offer paying with cash in our offices in all countries we are allowed to. Additionally we want to provide users with KYC enabled DIDs that will make it easier for them to use exchanges. We will also work on education especially focusing on DEXes. DEXes right now have started to overtake CEXes so this is the way we want to go.

Read about acquiring services through 3air:

What are the mechanism to ensure that the price of 3air token doesn't affect the fees payment in local currencies?

The fees (for services) will be set in the local currency and then this will be calculated to 3air at the time of purchase.

Read about acquiring services through 3air:

Why do you need blockchain?

We ran into numerous problems in Sierra Leone that can be solved with blockchain. The main 2 are identification of customers and payments. The locals there just don’t have proper means to identify themselves or to pay from home. Coming into our offices each month for paying is a burden so much for them as it is for us.

Additionally there are security, fraud prevention and privacy issues modern telecoms face on a daily basis that can be solved using blockchain technology. We want to become the go to platform for telecoms in the future.

Microloans: are these loans to be done using the native 3air token?

That wouldn't make so much sense, but collateral will be locked up in 3air tokens.

Can you please explain me the requirements to be an Access Point operator?

Once the 3air platform is live you will be able to apply for the AP operator on line. You will need to have an active subscription to 3air services as you will need to have the internet and then there will be some token staking requirements that have not yet been set. You will be able to participate in ensuring the infrastructure in multiple APs once they are live.

Read more about our sharing economy here: