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Frequency requirements

To start operations, a radio frequency spectrum (RF) is needed. The RF allows bi-directional (downstream and upstream) transmission of all triple-play services from the K3 base station antenna to the end user and from the end user back to the K3 base station.

K3 Lastmile solution can be designed to operate on any frequency spectrum level between 2 and 42 GHz. It can use all major frequency bands already allocated for fixed wireless worldwide. Simply put, K3’s solution can operate on any spectrum between 2 and 42 GHz as long as the bandwidth required is available.

Two frequency bands are required, one for downstream and one for upstream. The optimum frequency bandwidth for downstream is between 200-500 MHz and between 75-400 MHz for upstream, with a minimum of 200 MHz (1 GHz preferable) bandwidth space between them. The system can utilize up to 2 x 500 MHz of frequency bandwidth downstream and up to 500 MHz of frequency bandwidth upstream.

K3 frequency requirements Figure 28 K3 frequency requirements

For more information about K3 technology request the K3 Technical Info Brochure.