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ESG narrative

The ESG narrative is becoming increasingly important in financial markets, with portfolio managers incorporating sustainable investments into their strategies regularly now.

It’s been heavily introduced to the blockchain space by a Tweet from Elon Musk in May 2021 (Musk, 2021), talking about the potential environmental threats Bitcoin mining might pose. Since then, there have been more and more talks about environmentally friendly mining and other ESG aspects in the crypto community.

Extending from the previous chapter, from an ecological point of view K3 technology is operating on low power and needs fewer base stations per customer as technologies providing comparable services. Yet we strive for renewable sources of energy wherever that is possible.

It also does not require any digging for cables, thus preserving nature in a greater way. Frequencies used are not in extreme ranges but work on regular frequencies that are in the same bandwidth as regular radios.

From a social perspective, our mission is to bring equal opportunities to where the widest gap to the western world exists. We create jobs as we employ local staff to manage and build the infrastructure and our products come with a satisfaction guarantee.

We provide health and safety guidelines and care for our community.

Blockchain has the ability to take corporate governance to a different level. We aim to fully decentralize our platform and give the power to the token holders. We have implemented a community pool into 3air and are giving the governance over it to the community. This provides additional social benefits to the wider local ecosystem.

Our goal is to connect the unconnected so the unbanked can be banked. We strive to provide formal identities, where there are none and hope to provide online education and e-health to a wider audience. Indirectly we create new and global job opportunities for the locals and help develop countries as a whole.