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About 3air

We have identified an amazing and field-tested technology that will bring broadband internet connectivity to places, where it is impossible or uneconomical to build it traditional way. With a strong user base, we will develop, test, and deploy a blockchain platform that will allow tokenization of telecom services, revolutionizing the way we perceive and consume them.

Looking at the sheer number of industries blockchain is disrupting, it is only a matter of time it will take over the telecom industry. From privacy and security to the way we think about providing services can be questioned. We are proposing radical solutions to problems that everybody in the industry takes for granted, because they seem unsolvable under the traditional way of thinking.

Because such changes are a paradigm shift it usually takes a generation to adapt. It is not a question if it will happen but when. A new way of thinking, yet somebody has to start and make the transition from traditional models. We are building a platform based on blockchain technology that will firstly, enable porting of traditional systems to the blockchain with minor improvements in security, traceability, customer care and privacy. This transition should not be hard, not for the ISP provider nor the user.

Secondly, we will develop, test, and deploy new features outlined in this document, changing the way we think and look at providing subscription services on the internet in general, especially in the telecom industry.

To drive the adoption of our platform and make the transition easier we have decided to create our own customer base. One that has not much prior experience with telecoms, one that is eager to learn and one that is more and more relying on blockchain.

As Satoshi Nakamoto outlined in his work (Nakamoto, 2008), Bitcoin and with it blockchain, should and will liberate people and empower them, especially the under privileged, suppressed by corrupt governments or institutions. We are adding the unconnected to the list.

We will help bring fast, stable broadband to cities of Africa, starting with Ethiopia, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), bringing people the ability to have a reliable connection to the outside world and be included in the global educational, health, financial and business economies. Imagine what this means for the unconnected? If this is not the Blockchain mentality, then what is?

Connecting the unconnected will bring millions of new users to our platform and with growth comes power. Power to connect with others and power to make radical changes to an industry, together.