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Presale & KYC

Please only use this link to participate in the presale:!

What countries can participate in the presale? Are there any countries restricted from participation?

Only selected countries will be allowed to participate in the private sales according to local raw and regulations. These countries are restricted from participating in the presale: USA, China, Afghanistan, Crimea, Cuba, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestinian Territory, Venezuela (government only), Yemen, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Iran, Iraq. Other countries might be closed depending on demand.

Do US participants need to be accredited investors?

US accredited investors can participate in the private presale rounds. No US citizen can participate in the public presale.

Will you burn the unsold 3air tokens?

If either public or private rounds do not get fully filled and the soft cap is reached, we will burn the unsold tokens.

When will my 3air tokens be transferred to my wallet?

You will be able to claim your tokens at TGE, planned for June 2022.

What are your 3air token listing plans?

We will first list the tokens on Pancakeswap, starting shortly after TGE (planned for June 2022). Additional DEX listings are planned shortly after, followed by CEX tier 2 listing planned for July and tier 1 exchange is planned for Q4 2022. These plans might change depending on what we see is the best option for the 3air token value.

When will I be able to transfer my tokens to exchanges?

Tokens will be available at DEX listing, planned for June 2022 and released according to the vesting schedule.

What are the prices in the public presale (March 31 - April 7, 2022)?

  • Token Price: $0.06
  • Tokens For Sale: 2.000.000
  • Tokens Sold: 3.150.064
  • Max. Ticket: $120,00
  • Listing price: $0,075
  • Total Supply:
  • Total Raise: 8.800.000
  • Initial MCAP: 420.687

What were the minimal and maximal contributions for the private sale and public sale 1?

To prevent major holdings, we have decided to provide smaller tickets and severely limit bigger tickets. The limits are:

  • Private round 1: min $48k - max $450k
  • Private round 2: min $48k - max $600k
  • Private round 3: min $50k - max $750k
  • Public presale 1: min $600 - max $49.8k

Read more on the tokenomics here:

What currencies do you accept in the presale?

We accept USDT (TRC20), BUSD (BSC) and fiat payments.

Will you do KYC/AML for presale participants and what will be the requirements to pass?

Yes, we will perform strict KYC/AML for each participant in the presale. The requirements are no politically exposed person, not being on any sanctions list, not being from excluded territories and providing your official and valid ID scan and facial ID that matches the ID. We might execute further checks based on our risk assessment.

Why do I need to provide my personal information to participate in the presale?

To comply with regulations, we must perform KYC (Know Your Client) checks to see who is participating in the token presale and we need to ensure all AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures and checks are followed. We will not use your data in any other way or report it unless there is money laundering risk involved.

How do I participate in the presale?

Please follow the instructions on

How to register and do KYC?

Please follow this short video:

My KYC verification failed. Who can I contact?

You should find a button to request a new KYC attempt. If it doesn’t work please contact us on

This usually happens in 3 cases:

  1. Timer has expired. The link in your email is more than 15 minutes old. Resend the email from our website and try again.
  2. You already used the link. The link is only usable 1 time for security purposes. Resend the email from our website and try again.
  3. You sent more than one login emails. Only the last sent email link is valid. Delete all the 3air login emails and try again with a new email request from Make sure to only click the button once.

What if soft cap is not reached?

If softcap is not reached the collected funds will be returned minus the expenses. Refunds will be first issued to the public and then to the private buyers.

If softcap is not reached then we don't have enough funds to effectively start the project. That said we are confident to get at least to the softcap. The other option is we put it to a vote and we don't start with Nigeria immediately. We have Sierra Leone where there are clients already waiting for the platform. And we will be going into DRC that's being privately funded so there should be enough traction with all of it. In the end I guess it would come down to a community vote. But again, we have so much traction now and so many private investors asking that's very unlikely we won't be hitting the softcap.

Can you still start building the platform if the Soft/hard cap are not reached?

The platform we can start but to get Nigeria running we need to hit a certain cap. We have Sierra Leone already up and running and DRC is being privately funded, but it will be a slower growth than planned if we don't get Nigeria kickstarted. That said we don't have any doubts we will get the raise in.

How much is the softcap and how much have been raised approximately at this moment?

There's a bar in the app indicating the current, soft cap and hard cap levels. You should login to

I've just registered with my e-mail address in your presale page but no response yet. How can I login?

The mails are sent out automatically but sometimes they go into the promotions folder or spam. Try looking a bit in the mailbox for “3air”.

My passport is in a country that is not allowed, but I work and live in a country that is allowed. Can I pass KYC?

Unfortunately not we are not allowed to give you a pass on this. It is based on your citizenship.

I must do KYC, right?

Correct, there’s a basic KYC where we need to identify you. If you want to purchase more than $15,000 worth of tokens, you’ll also need to provide proof of address.

How do I buy tokens?

You can buy 3air tokens within our presale app at This is the only place you can currently buy tokens!

Short video on how to buy 3air tokens:

Some facts:

  • Connect your Metamask
  • payment needs to be completed within 1 hour
  • no discounts possible

I only sent part of the payment amount. Can I still send more?

Yes, you can send more funds to the same wallet and it will count towards your total amount.

I want a refund. Who do I contact?

You can contact us at and explain your reasons for a refund.

I decided to use USDT for payment. Can I send USDT from the exchange wallet or do I need to send it first to my private wallet?

You can send directly from an exchange if you are using a reputable exchange such as Binance or Coinbaise. The only potential issue sending from exchanges is that they might hold your funds before sending and the timer (1 hour) to receive the funds might expire on our end.

Can I send two payments from different addresses?

Yes, that is not a problem, just make sure to cover the fees in your end.

How long will the public sale be going on?

Untill the hard cap is reached or untill the 26th of January.

What is TGE?

Token Generation Event. In crypto, that's the process of issuing or in lay terms releasing the tokens.

When will I receive my 3air tokens?

We first need to fill the public presale then TGE follows (Token Generation Event). We will send out tokens to the provided wallet according to the vesting schedule.

Are there rewards if we refer friends and family to partake in the private/public sale?

Yes, we offer a 5% referral bonus.

What about tokens rewarded for giveaways and referrals? Do they also follow the public sale vesting schedule?

No, these tokens are 100% available on TGE.

Which wallets can I use to buy 3air?

You can buy the tokens with different wallets depending on the token you choose to pay with.

To receive 3air you need a Metamask wallet.

Has 3air considered doing a ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering)?

Yes, we have looked into the ISPO model but it doesn't suit us. We need a big investment upfront to penetrate new markets with infrastructure. With that we can connect first users already after 6 months and grow exponentially.